Beta Release 1.0  we are looking for some beta release participants,  participants will receive free setup a $300 savings and free instore transactions.  

What is PhoneBank.Store?

PhoneBank is a secondary marketplace for used phones.   Many issues plague the used phone market, iCloud locked phones, blacklisted phones, phones with hardware issues.   These issues give the secondary phone market a bad name, this where PhoneBank comes in, PhoneBank has been developed over the past year and a half to help solve this problem. worldwide list of vetted reputable cell phone dealers and certified phones.  On PhoneBank not only can a consumer buy a certified pre-owned phone from the website, but they can also find their local "Phonebank Marketplace Location" and go there to see a device in person.  Currently, the system is free to use and the only charge is if the phone is sold in the phonebank system and a fee of 3% is added to the PayPal fees. 


  • Free Website - just signup get approval and add your first Device. free website


print labels with phone details to stick to the back of the phone.  These labels work with zebra and brothers label printers label size recommended  1.25x 2.25 click to order non-permanent labels from amazon Label

Master Database:

Premade Items, just add the IMEI and additional pictures if desired. Don't find your phone in the master database no worries you can create your own and add it to the master database.   Already have a similar item on your phonebank site?  No problem just duplicate it by pressing the save add new imei number. to quickly add multiple imeis of the same or similar type. 

Phone Pictures:

Want to enhance your listings?  take pictures right from your phone and add them to the listing.   This allows customers to have more confidence in buying your item. 

Product List:

Easily organize your inventory with imei's and bar code labels.  Always know what you have in stock with a glance at your product list,  sort search and find from the filter at the top of the page.  Know how long you have had a phone with the age field that counts the day this item has been on hand.  Add a product from the master list or creat them your self. product list

Create your own PhoneBank Site:  Simply by signing up and uploading a header and a product and your site populated on the map. MicroSite


If you want to offer consignment sales to your local market or mail-in, each item has fields dedicated to tracking consignment data. 


returns are between the local store and the buyer.   Phonebank recommends a return policy of at least 14 days with a $36 or 10% restocking fee.  Fees are recommended for buyer's remorse, refunds for any other reason such as defective a restocking fee is not recommended. defective devices.   Restocking fees will help make the dealer whole as selling fees from phonebank are non-refundable,   


this site is in the beta phase and all features are free to use per the phonebank agreement.  Phones can be sold in your store and removed from the phonebank site at no charge.  Phone sold on the site via the site checkout will automatically have a 3% fee deducted on top of the standard PayPal fee.  A payout can be requested from the admin weekly.

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